Don’t skimp on the stuff you can’t see.

The cloud has to live somewhere.  Make sure it’s a world class facility built for the enterprise.

ProVista Technologies owns all of our hardware, allowing complete control over the services we provide. Our equipment runs from a secure, fully redundant facility located approximately 30 miles outside of Philadelphia. The facility provides precision controlled environmentals and redundant power and network connectivity. All systems are monitored 24×7 by both our technicians as well as datacenter personnel to maintain the highest level of uptime possible. This allows us to offer a 99.9% network uptime guarantee which we have never missed.

Blazing Fast Network

Multiple fiber feeds using separate carriers for network redundancy with full BGP and multiple peers for both redundancy and speed.  Redundant routers and switches provide added protection.

Reliable Power

APC double conversion UPS units provide uninterruptable power while a diesel generator delivers clean backup power to the facility within 15 seconds of a utility outage.

Climate Control

Redundant Liebert CRAC units provide cooling under the 16-inch raised floor, configured with hot and cold isles. Leak sensors alert immediately if water is detected under the raised floor.

Fire Detection/Supression

Multi-zone fire detection system throughout the facility with an FM-200 clean agent suppression system.  Cross zone alarming is employed to prevent false discharges.

Physical Security

The windowless facility features RFID card and biometric access with CCTV surveillance throughout the interior and exterior.  All server cabinets are locked for added security.

Enterprise Hardware

Virtual environment backed by enterprise hardware with redundant power, storage, and network. Fast and reliable infrastructure with daily backups for added peace of mind.