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Parents: 693

Teachers: 117

Total Conferences: 1959

Afternoon Session: 03/06/2018

Evening Session: 03/08/2018
This system was designed exclusively for the Colonial School District for implementation at Plymouth Whitemarsh High School. The system was developed and completed by three students, Jordan Sones (Script Programmer - Class of 2006), Tom Kaufmann (Original Site Designer - Class of 2006), and Dave Wilson (Database Population - Class of 2005) in May of 2005. It originated as a project as a part of the curriculum for the WebScripting 2H class offered at PW. The goal of the project was to create a program that would allow for conferences to be scheduled by parents. Teachers could also login to retrieve a schedule of their conferences, and an administrator would be able to manage all functions of the system and manually add conferences as needed. The students of the class presented their projects to School Administrators, District Officers, and Information Technology staff. This particular script was selected for use and underwent a redesign (keeping script functions intact) to match the new layout of the Colonial School District Website. Sones also added increased functionality for ease of administration and conference scheduling. The script was introduced to the faculty in September of 2005, was put through extensive testing in early October, and finally released to parents in mid-October, just in time for the fall conferences. The script is written in PHP and uses a MySQL database to securely store all information on a Linux server located off-site.

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